World Meet World 3-6-11

World Meet World is a free and open platform for any group of people to connect with any other group of people in the world without an intermediate authority.  Everything on these pages are suggestions not directives.   The “World Meet World” Logo can be used to organize around as long as you do not try to stop anyone else from doing the same. This permission is limited to private individuals, co-ops, churches, schools, or any non-profit.  This permission is not extended to limited liability corporations, but it’s a free world.  If the only thing you like here is the Twenty Four Screen World Clock, steal the idea and make it your own

What is being created here is unowned wealth.  An information loop that is immediate and universal will offer entrepreneurs of many types opportunities to build relationships around, perhaps businesses.  There will be no franchise fees to pay.  No permission is needed to alter and improve the platform, as long as those alterations are open to others.  It is an open source, full liability corporation.  It is a public place.  World Meet World belongs to everybody, that means it belongs to nobody.   World Meet World. 

But there’s no need to be a business or organize anything at all.  Just get a group of people together to make a Twenty Four Screen World Clock.  In your living room or at a park, or any where you wish.  And that can be the end of it.  Just do it.  Or just watch.  Or ignore.  The choice is yours.

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