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Basic Orientation

I hope someone breaks the news gently to Kathmandu, but they are not the first sunrise after the spring equinox.  But I got to name a post Kathmandu and maybe I’ll get there some time.  And hey, it’s only the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.  In the Southern Hemisphere it’s the beginning of the fall.  Things change when you actually start to do them.  Ideas that were general must meet the specificity of reality.  I have met that reality

The 24 Screen World Clock is not a 24 “Time Zone” clock, but it is a 24 time zone clock.  The official “Time Zones” of the world are decided for commercial and political reasons.  They are related to the 24 equal longitudinal zones that will be used in the 24 Screen World Clock, but they are not the same.  Some “Time Zones” cover two, three, or four of the longitudinal zones we will use.  And let’s not mention Daylight savings time yet.  This is not a reflection on the wisdom or validity of those zones.  Having everyone on the same numerical reference has advantages, just as knowing one’s local time can help one understand how the world works and what the numbers applied to hours really mean.

Here are our zones and the four cities I mentioned in yesterday’s post.  I already had them and their web cam links before I discovered my errors.  But hopefully no harm no foul.  I left them up because they will be part of our world too.  Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, and Midnight are marked on the exact longitudes they will be on when the equinox occurs on March 20, 11:21 PM GMT.  The closest cities on each side of these positions are also listed. We will watch Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, and Midnight as these phenomena move across the clock during our two days.

For our purposes we have divided the world into 24 equal 15° Zones

Zone A-0° to 15°W

      Rotterdam, Netherlands 4’28” E –

      Hannover, Germany 9’43”

Midnight 9’45”

      Hamburg, Germany 9’59” E

Zone B-15° to 30°W

Zone C-30°W to 45°W

Zone D-45°W to 60°W

Zone E-60°W to 75°W

Zone F-75°W to 90°W

       Pittsburg 79’58” W

Sunset 80’15” W

       Miami 80’15” W

Zone G-90°W to 105°W

        Kansas, City 94’34” –

Zone H-105°W to 120°W

Zone I-120°W to 135°W

Zone J-135°W to 150°W

Zone K-150°W to 165°W

Zone L-165°W to 180°

         Aolfi, Niue 169’55”

Noon 170’15”

       Pago Pago, Samoa 170’42” W 

       Hamilton, New Zealand 175’18”W –

Zone M-180° to 165°E

Zone N-165°E to 150°E

Zone O-150°E to 135°E

Zone P-135°E to 120°E

Zone Q-120°E to 105°E

Zone R-105°E to 90°E

       George Town Penang, Malaysia 100’19”

Sunrise 99’45”

       Surat Thani, Thailand 99’20”

Zone S-90°E to 75°E

       Kathmandu, Nepal 85’20”-    sunrise

Zone T-75°E to 60°E

Zone U-60°E to 45°E

Zone V-45°E to 30°E

Zone W-30°E to 15°E

Zone X-15°E to 0°

You can find your own zone by consulting this wonderful Wikipedia site:

This site gives most of the world’s major cities and their longitudes, listed in order.  Get your own longitude and you can fit yourself into one of our zones.  The longitude numbers are on the right, and clearly labeled.  The Wiki site uses 10° groupings, so you have to watch the numbers to fit our 15° groupings.  We’ll be posting more live feeds as the days go on.

How to calculate your own local time: 

The Greenwich Mean time of the Equinox is 23:21(11:21 P.M.), March 20, 2011. Every ° east of this is four minutes ahead.  Every ° west of this is four minutes behind.  And be aware that these are the minutes of the 24 hour day and not the minutes that divide each degree of longitude into sixty parts.

Number of minutes in a day is        24 x 60 = 1,440. 

Number of minutes in a degree is   1,440/360 = 4

For every degree west of 0° subtract four minutes

For every degree east of 0° add four minutes.

Tomorrow:  How do I do my own 24 Hour World Clock?

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