Charted Waters

I can honestly say that the only thing I didn’t have that really would have helped me to design the chart below is the 24 Screen World Clock.  It would have really helped with the comprehension of such things as which day is which.  Is it yesterday, today, on tomorrow.  This sounds like a silly question, but when you look at a day as a point in time, some people are on the same day as some other people, some people are on the the day after some other people, and some people are on the day before som other people.   Trying to figure out which is which is quite a chore.   The 24 Screen World Clock would have made it easy.

The chart below shows our twenty four longitudinal zones, and some cities that are in them.  We listed a few links to web cams and I hope that people will help to get more reliable and safe links that we can post.

The times listed on the chart correspond to the exact time on which the March 2011 Equinox will occur.  Feel free to look at the day.

I promised that today I would be on how to do your own 24 Screen World Clock, but that will be put off until tomorrow.

Any help you could offer will be greatly accepted.

Please comment and suggest.

World Meet World

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