Social Media. Are you Paying Attention?

Why are multibillion dollar corporations paying so much to web sites that can attract and hold your attention?  Or why does a college student who can create a web site that can attract and hold your attention suddenly own a multibillion dollar corporation?  The answer is that your attention is valuable.  It is the currency of the World Wide Web and all social media.

While some sites on the web are philanthropic in nature and distribute their information because they wish to serve, most of the sites thought of as “free” are actually just paid with a different currency than money.  You’ve been paying attention.  Don’t get me wrong, it may be a good trade, but you should understand what you’re giving up.  Attracting, capturing and directing that attention is the goal of virtually all the activity on the Web. Selling little bits of this attention to advertisers yields revenue.  Much of what passes for a business plan on the web is no more than toll gates in the middle of the desert, while we all send Slim Pickens back for dimes.  Maybe it’s time to cut out the middle man and pay a little of that attention to ourselves.

Beyond Bottlenecks: Discovery, Natural Energy and Human Diligence

Private individuals, charities, the poor, and non-profit organizations have trouble competing for human attention with the global corporations that dominate the web and the economy at large.  The best way for these groups to have entrepreneurial opportunities on the web is to spread the web into the physical world and attract those users to public spaces.  People spend money where they are.  The computer has spent the last thirty years eliminating human labor as a factor of production.  It will spend the next thirty flushing out the limitless opportunities of human creativity that has been liberated. 

Capital has replaced physical labor with machine power and managerial accounting services with information technologies.  This is because human productivity is growing exponentially, and will continue to grow. This has created a huge surplus in human labor, and that surplus is going to grow ever larger.  World Meet World is an effort of creating a vortex for this creative potential.  Human energy, human diligence and our capacity for discovery exist in every group of people in the world.  The power of our reflected productivity is almost infinite if we would just trade with each other.  World Meet World will create a forum for ideas and a market for products.  All we need to do is pay attention to each other.

24 Screen Video Conferencing

Imagine the opportunities today if one had a business in which you had 24 Television Monitors and 24 cameras to go with them.  One configuration is the 24 Screen World Clock, the screens in a circle, facing outward.  Place a camera above each one.  A panorama of each circle could be webcast from each store.  Many activities could use this configuration.  But the screens could be mobile, rearranging for any number of purposes.

A Chess Club-Live, public chess from around the world

A Dance Center-Live, public dance of all types from around the world

Video Game Center-Live, Public Contact with gamers around the world.

Live Theaters-Produce and view live plays from around the world

Health/Exercise/Yoga Center-Live, public demonstrators from around the world.

A Sports Center-Sports live from around the world, or region, or nation or town.  The Big 24.  Start your own Sports Leagues, small regional, national, or world.  Make all levels eligible for the play offs.  The corporate sports franchises could use some real competition.

Person to Person Video Conferencing-Connecting a Screen/Camera to another Screen/Camera in another public location. A Video Booth.

Gardening and regional farmer’s markets in public and on line.  The local production of food is the most stabilizing economic influence an area can have.

Volunteer Coordination-I’m starting a group called “Every Thursday Morning” which is where I’ll be on every Thursday for the rest of my life, singing in an Elder Care Center.  It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  Let’s start many.

Family Reunions-Connecting a set of Screen/Cameras with other sets of Screen/Cameras in other public locations.

Your center could do different activities at different times of the day.

What is the next step?  I think I have found it.  It is people watching people watching people watching people.  I think that about covers it.  It is taking the immediacy and connectedness of the web and taking it into a public space with intention and design. 

Build a business around it.  Strengthen your organization.  Connect with your family.

World Meet World.

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