Fayetteville Local Time

We use official time zones that normally cover a 15° section of longitude for every hour, some even larger.  Every place in that Zone has the exact same time, but there’s another way to look at the day and measure time that is called local time.  You can use all of our charts to calculate your local time for the equinox by knowing your local longitude and subtracting four minutes from 11:21 pm for every ° west and adding four minutes for every ° east.  This will give you local time.

The Longitude of Fayetteville Arkansas is 94°10’W.  That is Six hours and Seventeen minutes behind GMT.

The Fayetteville local time for the March Equinox is 6:04 pm Daylight Time and 5:04 pm Standard Time.  Seventeen Minutes behind CDT.  Six hours and seventeen minutes behind GMT

Our Central Time Zone Daylight Time is 6:21 pm CDT, in Standard Time, 5:21 CST.  These are exactly six hours behind GMT.

But there’s another way to calculate your local time.  You can use shadows to do it.  Erect a pole of whatever length you wish and stand it up in an open area.  Use a bubble level to stand the pole of straight, or use a tether ball poll or a tooth pick stuck in clay.  The size of the pole can vary.  Starting at 9:00 am, mark the tip of the shadow that the pole casts.  Give the mark a label and using an accurate watch, record the time.  Repeat every 10 minutes until 3:00 pm. 

Look at the marks of the shadows.  The line between the pole and the mark closest to the pole traces the north line in the northern hemisphere and the south line in the southern hemisphere.  This is your local Meridian.  This Mark should coincide with noon.  Check the difference between this and the local official time zone which you obtained from your watch.  See if this coincides with the longitude calculations.  Let us Know.

Oh, and the sun should set in Fayetteville about 7:17 CDT.

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