The Languages

These are the Languages that I have used in the invitations to take part in  Human Equinox.  Included is a link to a pdf  file that will make printing them easy.  We encourage you to print them and use them on posters and t-shirts.

Italian-  new wheels 9 italian original

Japanese-  new wheels 9 japanese original

Vietnamese-  new wheels 9 vietnamese original

German-  new wheels 9 german original

Indonesian-  new wheels 9 indonesian original

Hindi-  new wheels 9 hindi original

Bengali-  new wheels 9 bengali original

French-  new wheels 9 french original

Finnish-  new wheels 9 finnish original

Norwegian-  new wheels 9 norwegian original

Swahili-  new wheels 9 swahili original

Cherokee-  new wheels 9 cherokee original

Serbian-  new wheels 9 serbian original

Turkish-  new wheels 9 turkish original

Persian-new wheels 9 persian original

Arabic-  new wheels 9 arabic original

Hebrew-  new wheels 9 hebrew original

Greek-  new wheels 9 greek original

Russian-  new wheels 9 russian original

Punjabi-  new wheels 9 punjabi original

English-  new wheels 9 english original

Spanish-  new wheels 9 spanish original

Polish-  new wheels 9 polish original

Chinese-  new wheels 9 chinese original

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