Social Medium, Social Median, Social Minimum

The Average, The Middle and The Bottom: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Much can be said about just about everything, but how it is said and why it is said and by whom it is said really makes a difference.  Discussion is often obscured and distorted by
political, social, and religious advocates by shifting their emphasis between the society as a whole (the average), the man in the middle (the median), and the man at the bottom (the minimum).  The ability to do this is dependent on an ignorant and bigoted populace.  The cure to this is an educated and aware populace.

Everyone in the world should know:

  1. What is their share of the total wealth/income in the world.  In other words are they above, below or at average.
  2. What is their position in the pecking order.  How many are above them and how many are below them?
  3. What is the bottom position?  What share of wealth/income does the least member of society have?

I believe these notions were being addressed at the TEDx conference in San Miguel de Allende on Saturday August 6, 2011.  From the Digital Divide, to the Position of Women and Children in the World, to Education, an awareness of our shared history and culture was demonstrated.  And this was not just a let’s get together so we can feel better about
ourselves meeting of dilettantes.  There were people not just suggesting solutions to the problems they spoke about, these were people who were actually doing things, and they mostly spoke about the things they were doing.  There was an awareness of “privileged position” that most of the speakers and attendees held.  There was also an awareness that
the great middle that holds society together is under assault.  But lastly and most importantly there was a keen awareness of what is happening to those who have not the resources to stand up for themselves and accepting of the roles as advocates for this group.

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