Be a Moneteer

Moneteer- A Pioneer in creating a monetary system through knowledge and mutual effort.

Most of the decisions about your life are being made outside the political system in which you participate.  These decisions have to do with the design and operation of the money that you use.  This state of affairs will continue until you take the trouble to be informed not only about the system under which you live but of the historical and proposed options that exist for money.  The ability of the financial elites of the world to loot with impunity is dependent on an ignorant and complacent public.  Do not let this state of affairs continue.

Do not blindly take up the first new ideology that comes your way but become aware of what is being done today, what has been done in the past, and of all proposed solutions in the realm of money.  Become a Moneteer.  A Moneteer is a person who has made the conscious decision to make oneself knowledgeable about money and to become an active co-creator in the money system in which one lives.

There will be those who say these efforts are foolish and naïve, but the exact opposite is true.  The one truth that strikes fear in the hearts of those who operate the money system is that it is the combined actions of the regular Mary and Joe’s of the world that give money its power.  Once this becomes clear and money is forced to give a strict accounting, the Con-Artists who depend on an ignorant public will lose their power.

If this sounds a bit like the Wizard of OZ, challenging a power that operates behind a curtain, then you are perceptive.  The author of the Wizard of OZ was L. Frank Baum, who was a follower of 19th century economic reformer Henry George.  During the last part of the 19th century George’s book, Progress and Poverty, was the number one seller in the United States.

Sylvio Gesell, Argentian/German businessman invented a type of money, Stamp Scrip, that was designed specifically for the situation in which the world finds itself today.  U.S. Senator John Bankhead proposed it for America during the Depression.

Being a Moneteer does not mean that you should blindly follow these or any other reformers but that you should at least know who they are and what they had to say.  Blindly following and blindly rejecting any ideology is used by those who would control the weak and ignorant.

Nobel Prize winning French Economist Maurice Allais has stated that there is no difference between the modern world of finance and the practice of counterfeit.  If a counterfeit gang had taken over your town or country wouldn’t you look into it?  How about if one took over the entire world?

Everybody Knows.  Leonard Cohen has stated clearly the truth of the modern world.  Everybody Knows that the game is rigged, that the notion of “free market” is a hollow, cynical assertion.  The world is being pushed into a crisis of deprivation because a set of numbers tells us that there is no alternative.  This set of numbers are what the world calls Money.  There are other sets of numbers, there are other Money’s.

Be a Moneteer.  Moneteering will involve the investigation of every money system that has ever been proposed.  It will involve setting up public experiments with these Money’s and the reporting of how each works.  Do not be a patsy.  You and your neighbors can make your own money system from a position of knowledge.  In money, knowledge is power.  Be Knowledgeable.  Be Powerful.

Study and understand the following.

Commodity Money

The Austrians

The Gold Standard

The Monetarists

Alexander Del Mar

Irving Fisher and the Chicago School

The 1% Solution

Stamp Scrip

Sylvio Gesell

Senator John Bankhead

The 1% Solution

The Keynesians

Fiat Money

The Chartalists

Modern Money Theory- L. Randall Wray

American Monetary Institute- Stephen Zarlenga

Community Currencies

LETS- Local Economic Trading Systems

Time Dollars

Study all of these and use the knowledge you attain to add to the list.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.   Then you will be a  Moneteer.

Economics has been limited to the study of the effects of money on people.  Isn’t it about time that we began to investigate the effect of people on money?

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