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As n→∞ (1 + 1/n)n = e = 2.718281828..  

“Google found the number e so impressive that they decided to enter the world of high finance with an Initial Public Offer of $2,718,281,828..”

We will not try to approach infinity.  We are using 100 days at 1% per day, compounded.

(1 + 1/100)100 = (1.01)100 = 2.70481382942..,     99.5% of e

Use this formula, with n represents the day you wish to investigate.

For Day 2    (1.01)2  = 1.0201..

For Day 10    (1.01)10 = 1.10462..

 For Day 69,   (1.01)69 = 1.98689..

 For Day 70   (1.01)70 = 2.006763..  Half Life, 1 Shannon

For Day 100   (1.01)100 = 2.704813..  e folding, Bernoulli, Turing

For Day 231  (1.01)231 = 9.860886..  1 Hartley


Each new Player will receive all previous payments,

Disinterest also pertains to one´s financial or emotional stake in the outcome of any situation or action. For money to function it must be Disinterested in this manner as well.”

excalibrator1%solution is Disinterested Money.”

Launch Part I: Compounding


End Chapter 54

Eduardo called for the car and they picked it up just a little down Umaran on Calle Jesus.  Etienne sat in the car and started making a list in his mind of what he absolutely needed to take.  He already had Jasper’s Bible, with Jasper’s letter, his most important piece of information.  And now he was the keeper of the conch, but he had that with him too.  That only left Rosamond’s painting.  He wondered if he could get it on the plane. 

Eduardo pulled up in front of his apartment and Etienne had to walk through a gauntlet of watching eyes and shouted questions.  He thought about engaging them, but he was now on his mission again.  He waved them off and told them he’d be out shortly. 

He emerged 2 minutes later with the Painting and they were off.

Chapter 59 

8:00 AM PDT, 10:00 AM CDT, 11:00 AM EDT 

On the Road to Leon

Although Etienne was fairly oblivious to the morning’s activities he was still aware enough to notice that they were headed in the exact opposite direction of Leon.  He wanted Eduardo to know he was still that alert.  Etienne spread his hands and shrugged his shoulders.  What the..?

Eduardo said, “We have a bit of time before your flight.  I have a safe place for us to go for a while.”  About 10 miles out of San Miguel they turned left on a dirt road, went down the road a couple of miles and parked next to a little house in Rancho San Lucas.  A man came from out of the house and greeted Eduardo.  

They were obviously related.  Brothers or cousins.  They spoke for a moment; Eduardo, talking, gesturing, explaining something to the San Lucas man.  Eduardo counted out some money to him and the San Lucas man walked over to a pick-up where another man was waiting for him.  They both got in the pick-up and drove away.  Eduardo motioned for them to get out of the SUV and follow him inside the house.

Inside the house a youngish Mexican woman was at the stove cooking.  “This is my sister in law Juanita. Anyone Hungry?” Eduardo asked.  Everyone’s hand went up.  

“Si puedes Juanita? para todos.  Ellos son de mi trabajo.  Yo puedo pagar para todo.” (If you can Juanita?  For everyone.  They´re from my work.  I can pay for everything.)

“El restaurante de Juanita está abierto.  No tenemos nada a tomar.  ¿Cuál quieres? Refrescos o cervezas?” (Juanita's restaurant is open. We have nothing to drink. Which one do you want? Soft drinks or beers? "

“Beer or sodas?” asked Eduardo.  

“Cervezas,” answered everyone. 

“Mercedes, Yoanna.  Va a la tienda.”  (Mercedes and Yoana.  You two go to the store.)  Two of the younger girls headed toward the doort.  ”Mitad refrescos.”  (Half sodas)

Eduardo handed them money as they passed him.  “Gracias tio Lalo,”  (Thanks Uncle Lalo) they giggled as they went out.

Juanita spoke to one of the older girls and she went out the other door.

“Gracias Juanita.” Said Eduardo.  “Tenemos hambre.  Estábamos muy ocupados en la mañana.”  (We´re hungry.  We were very busy this morning).

Juanita smiled.

Eduardo turned back to his 3 passengers.   “We have reports that things are a bit crazy at the airport so we’re taking some precautions.  Plan B is in effect.  Give your jackets to my nephew Luis.  Take anything out that you value because you probably won’t get them back.”  The 3 rifled their pockets and put money, cell phones and notepads in their pants pockets and handed Luis their jackets.  Luis got to the front door with his hands full.  Eduardo opened the door for him and told him to wait for his father.

“Un poco ayuda por favor.” (A little help please).  Said Juanita to no one in particular.  Another girl came out and went to work with her mother.

Munst and Krause and Etienne were not sure they had not walked back into another level of reality again because this girl had the exact same face as the one Juanita had called Diana and sent out. 

“We like to do that,” laughed Eduardo. “Identical twins.  Exact copies of each other.  Adriana and Diana.  If they want you to tell them apart you can.  If they don’t want you to tell them apart you never will.”

Mercedes and Yoana returned laden down with large bottles of beer and coke which they began to distribute.  They were shortly followed by another boy who gave them serapes to replace their jackets.  For the first time today Etienne felt calm.  

“Gracias Yoana, Gracias Mercedes, y tu tambien Jose Martin.”  

“De Nada Tio Lalo,” answered Jose Martin. 

“Es verdad que hay un cajero en San Miguel que está regalando dinero a la gente, sin excepción?”  (“Is it true that there is an ATM in San Miguel that is giving money to people, without exception?”) asked the youngest, Yoana.  

“Si, en el Jardin mija” (yes, in the Jardin, little one.) Eduardo answered her.

“A mi tambien,” (me too?), Yoana wanted to know.

“A mi tambien!” (me too?), yelled the youngest Everardo.

Just then Diana came back with her hands full of tomatoes, cilantro, carne, and cebollas.  She took it all straight to the kitchen and they saw her and her twin sister standing beside each other.  It really was amazing.  There was no discernable difference between them except one wore a blue shirt and the other a red shirt.

Eduardo answered his niece Yoana, “Si, mija.  El cajero es regalando dinero a cualquiera personal, y tu tambien.” (Yes, mija. The cash machine is giving money to everyone, and you too).

The whole room smiled. 

Eduardo pulled out the $1,000 pesos he had received from the cash machine and told Yoana to come over.  He handed her the thousand pesos and said, “Apartalo con todos.”  (Share it with everyone)

“Tio, yo no se como dividir,” (Uncle, I don’t know how to divide), and everyone laughed.  They knew Yoana knew how to divide.

Their lunch was fantastic and the perfect relief from a world in which there were some who did not wish them well.  Too soon for all of them Luis came in and told them that his father had returned and they had to go back to that other world.

They walked outside and Alfredo and his buddy were busy inflating some blow up dolls, the kind you use to put in the passenger seat when you want to use the carpool lane.  When they got the first one inflated Eduardo and Alfredo positioned it in the passenger side of the front seat of the SUV.  They then taped bladders of pig’s blood to the doll and put Etienne’s jacket on it.

They repeated the process for two more of the dolls and put them in the back seat.

They did the same for the dummy in the driver’s seat except that after they had put Eduardo’s jacket on it, they wired the hands to the steering wheel.

Krause couldn’t resist.  “Is the dummy gonna drive.”

“Yes, and I take offense to the remark.”  Eduardo showed them the laptop in the back of the pickup.  “I’ll be driving from here.”

Eduardo looked at his watch and told them, “‘Bout time to saddle up.  Krause, you be my eyes looking forward.  Munst you let me know if you see anything strange behind us.  I’ll be busy driving the vehicle.  You’ll get it right away.”

“Can I leave your sister something Eduardo?  That’s about as good a lunch as I’ve ever had.”

“Sounds good, but we need to get moving.”  

Etienne was walking towards the door and saw Munst and Krause falling in line.  “I don’t need an escort.”

“You don’t have one.”  When they got to the door Etienne knocked.  Juanita answered.  

“Gracias para todo.”  He gave the $1,000 pesos he had gotten from the cash machines into Juanita’s hand.  Krause and Munst followed suit.

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