The Characters

Characters in La Disconquista

The ones I can remember

La Disconquista- The Unconquering, Alternate Reality Game

Jasper- Fiddler

Rodolfo Barajas-10 year old resident of Greenfield, California

Vic Castenada- Chief of Police in Greenfield, California, Former and perhaps current friend of Etienne Duvall.

Sofia Robles- Newscaster Newschannel 23 Salinas California.

Belinda Barajas- Mother of Rodolfo

Vern- Sofia’s Cameraman

Velma- Dispatcher, Greenfield Police

Chelito (Consuelo)- Rodolfo’s Grandmother

Casimiro “Caz”, owner operator of the Corner Store, Greenfield.

Etienne Duvall- Greenfield native, Monetary Theorist, Rasta Baptist, Current resident of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Jeffrey Stark- Director of the Secret Service, Washington D. C.

Clyde Munst- Secret Service Agent, Washington D. C.

Ernest Krause-Secret Service Agent, Washington D. C.

Melissa Hunt- Secret Service Agent, Washington D. C.

Amy Wu- Game Developer, Information Theorist, Perpetual Motionist, Seattle, Washington

Balthazar the Emperor Jones- Game Developer, Morphogenicist, Rasta Baptist, 

Frank- Owner of the e-fect, Game Developer, Coder’s Coder

Josh Bagnold- Sofia Robles’ Corporate Overlord

Eduardo- Freelance Spy, Mexico

Casino Fortunatus- Etienne Duvall’s website and Brand Name of the Automatic Teller Machines that distribute equal daily dividend

The Transcendental Number e- 2.718281828..   100% interest compounded continuously.

excalibrator1%solution- Cosmic monetary elixer.  Brought to Earth by J in order to save the Milky Way

The Milky Way- The Galactic Home of Earth

The Conch- Metathetical manifestation of the Logarhythmic Spiral 

Preston Witt- Farmer Greenfield, California

Noe – Preston Witt’s Foreman

Archangel San Miguel, Saint Michael

FreEqSS- Free Equal Sentient Sapient beings of the Milky Way

J-Lieutenant to Archangel Michael, San Miguel

Alan Turing- Galactic Hero and inspiration of the Turing Brigade, Damn the Torpedos

The Szilard/Einstein Refrigerator

The e-fect– Coffee Bar, Seattle, Washington

World Meet World- 24 Screen Conscious World Interface

Puerto Rico- Tan Rico, Tan Puerto

Iceland- The Last Free Place on Earth

Barack Obama- President of the United States of America

Larry Summers- Disappointed Nephew

Bill Black- The last law North, East, West, and South of the Pecos

Michael Hudson-Economist, Arkieologist, Slate Cleaner

Alan Greenspan- High Randian Priest and Controller of the Universe

MINIMAX Apocalypse, Opening of the long secret code on mitigating the worst case scenario of money

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