Synopsis and list of Characters


Characters in The Unconquering, and La Desconquista

Greenfield, California

Vic Castenada- Chief of Police in Greenfield, California, Former and perhaps current friend of Etienne Duvall.

Jasper- Fiddler

Rodolfo Barajas-10 year old resident of Greenfield, California

Sofia Robles- Newscaster Newschannel 23 Salinas California.

Belinda Barajas-Mother of Rodol

Vern, Sofia’s Cameraman

Velma, Dispatcher, Greenfield Police

Chelito, Rodolfo’s Grand Mother

Casimiro, Caz, owner operator of the Corner Store 

Josh Bagnold, Sofia’s corporate overlord

Preston Witt, Farmer

Noe Baza, Preston’s Foreman

Gil Tanzini, Farmer


San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Etienne Duvall-Former resident of Greenfield and friend of Vic Castenada.

Eduardo, Freelance Spy

Ana, Lupita, Lili first at the ATM in San Miguel

Juanita, Luis, Diana, Adriana, Jose Martin, Mercedes, Yoana, Eriberto, the getaway


Seattle, Washington

Balthazar the Emperor Jones, Gamer

Amy Wu, Gamer

Frank, Coder


Washington D.C. 

Jeffrey Stark- Director of the Secret Service, Washington D. C.

Clyde Munst- Secret Service Agent, Washington D. C.

Ernest Krause-Secret Service Agent, Washington D. C.

Melssa Hunt-Secret Service Agent, Washington



Casino Fortunatus- Etienne Duvall’s website and Brand Name of the Automatic Teller Machines that distribute equal daily dividend

The Transcendental Number e- 2.718281828..   100% interest compounded continuously.

excalibrator1%solution- Cosmic monetary elixer.  Brought to Earth by J in order to save the Milky Way

The Milky Way- The Galactic Home of Earth

The Conch- Metathetical manifestation of the Logarhythmic Spiral 

Archangel San Miguel, Saint Michael

FreEqSS- Free Equal Sentient Sapient beings of the Milky Way

J-Lieutenant to Archangel Michael, San Miguel

Alan Turing- Galactic Hero and inspiration of the Turing Brigade, Damn the Torpedos

The Szilard/Einstein Refrigerator

The e-fect– Coffee Bar, Seattle, Washington

World Meet World- 24 Screen Conscious World Interface

Puerto Rico- Tan Rico, Tan Puerto

Iceland- The Last Free Place on Earth

Barack Obama- President of the United States of America

Larry Summers- Disappointed Nephew

Bill Black- The last law North, East, West, and South of the Pecos

Michael Hudson-Economist, Arkieologist, Slate Cleaner

Alan Greenspan- High Randian Priest


Chapter 1

Greenfield, California

Police Chief Vic Castenada witnesses a building containing 10 automatic teller descend into the quiet town of Greenfield, California.  Also witnessed by Rodolfo, youth on his Bicycle.

The tellers are accompanied by a fiddler.

All receive money from the ATMs.  Vic Castenada phones local News caster Sofia Robles to broadcast the story.  Sofia comes to Greenfield.

Chapter 2 

Rodolfo arraives home with milk and cereal he has bought money from the ATMs.

Choapter 3

Vic considers his old friend Etienne as possibly behind the cash machines.

Chapter 4


Amy, one of the three developers of the Alter Reality Video Game “La Disconquista” phones their unofficial fourth partner, Etienne Duvall, in San Miguel de Allende Mexico.

Amy has jitters over the opening of “La Disconquista” that evening in Seattle Amy chides Etienne and tries to get him to catch a plane to SeattleHe refuses Amy resigns herself.

Second partner Balthazar phones Etienne with same agenda, same result.

Chapter 5 


Rodolfo takes his mother, grandmother, and little sister to the cash machines.  They all get cash from machines.


Chapter 6


Balthazar goes to the e-fect café where Amy is working.  Amy shows Balt the television report that Sofia Robles is broadcasting from Greenfield


Chapter 7

Washington D.C.

Office of Jeffrey Stark, Director of the Secrete Service.  He dispatches agents to Greenfield, Seattle, and San Miguel.


Chapter 8, Greenfield.

Sofia takes a break from broadcasting.  Learns Greenfield is blocked in by traffic


Chapter 9

Amy and Balthazar sit on the patio at the e-fect and try to figure out if they have been hi-jacked or supported and wonder what Etienne has to do with it.


Chapter 10


Vic gets Etienne’s number and calls him.  He asks directly if Etienne is behind the cash machines and Etienne laughs at him, saying he can barely pay his rent.


Chapter 11

Etienne calls Amy to get her take on the ATMs.  She and Balt are both suspicious of him because the ATMs use the name of Etienne’s website, Casino Fortunatus.

They absolve each other of guilt and Christen themselves the Turing Brigade, Damn the Torpedoes.


Chapter 12

Sofia connects with Etienne and schedules an interview. 


Chapter 13

Etienne phones Amy to let her know about the impending interview and ask her what she wants him to say about their Video Game Launch that evening

Chapter 14

Field workers begin to desert their work to go to cash machines.  Foreman Noe tries to stop them and they go into open revolt and all leave.


Chapter 15


Sofia uses her pending interview with Etienne to push back against being sidelined in the story.  Also to demand a bonus.


Chapter 16


Etienne ponders the influences that have brought him to this point, especially Rosamond’s painting.


Chapter 17


Janet Yellin and Jeffry Stark arrive at the White House after being summoned.  President Obama has advisor Larry Summers with him.

Janet Yellen reads them a letter she has received from a group called FreEqSS, Free, Equal, Sentient, Sapient creatures of the Galaxy.   


Chapter 18


Amy and Balthazar talk to Etienne before his big interview.


Chapter 19


Etienne Duvall’s interview with Sofia Robles, Part One.  Amicable and the take a Pause.


Chapter 20


White house reaction to Etienne’s interview.  Larry Summers goes nuts, accuses Yellen of being behind the cash machines.


Chapter 21


Sofia asks Vic if Etienne is crazy.  Vic is offended and defends his former friend.  Tells Sofia some of his history with Etienne.


Chapter 22


Etienne Duvall’s interview with Sofia Robles, Part Two.


Chapter 23


Etienne phones Balt and Amy to ask their impressions of the interview.  Third partner Frank shows up. 

They worry about being able to handle the crow due to new interest.

Frank tells the he has the solution, a new building next door that has been offered as a venue for the Launch of their Alter Reality Video Game.  


Chapter 24


Stark and Yellen leave White House. Stark sees his position as untenable.  He exits early and gets a Taxi to Andews Air Force Base and hops a Military plane to Seattle incognito.




Noe goes to Preston Witt’s ranch house to tell him what has happened with the crews.  Preston does not take it well and starts to plan violence.


MINIMAX Apocalypse, Opening of the long secret code on mitigating the worst case scenario of money

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