In a Circle

Now Imagine that whole chart from yesterday wrapped around the following.  Each longitude zone is a screen in the 24 Screen World Clock.  Get 24 screens together wherever you want.  In your house, in your library, in your school, in your coffee house, in your student union building.  In your labor union office. In your Non Profit or Charity office and connect with other people.  You just pic a city from each zone and tune to a live camera and you will have your 24 Screen World Clock.  Or surf time all by yourself.  Move the zones in sequence and it will carry you along.  The movement of time is the greatest wave in the world.

But it doesn’t have to stay tuned to the clock, this resource can be used to communicate directly with other people regardless of their distance from you.  Talk amongst yourselves.

This is the view looking down on the south pole.

This is the view looking down on the north pole.

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